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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Training Woes.....Nee Howwww

One thing I like about my job is that its always exciting and keeps me motivated through a series of challenges. When those challenges grow to Everest like propoptions and you feel like a "Sherpa" carrying the six tents, five casses of Champagne, a pet poodle and a set of croquet, in a snow storm the novelty wears off......
Ok I am not in the Himilayas,.......and I am prone to dramatic utterences, but I am a darn sight closer to them than my bike in Houston, which is probably wondering if it will ever enjoy the thrill of a hot pursuit again.
This Asian trip has trip has already seen me on 7 planes which have included 23 packs of peanuts, 18 bloody mary's and 28 hot towels. I have seen Quantum of Solace so many times that I know exactly how many ice cubes James has in his Martini, and the only thing that really keeps changing is the length of the seat belt which is expanding rapidly from my lack of training.

Hopefully next weekend I can get escape from Singapore!!!