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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today was a great Ride and a Great Turn Out as four of us executed a 40 mile route from Zube park.
Dave, Kenny, Sean and myself.
Dave was a horse as always and did most of the pulling but for one rare opportunity I did feel my old form start to creep back as I took the lead on a very fast stretch.

We soon caught up with a 40 - Deep "double banked Peleton" in cruise control that was as wide as a large elephants backside. Its always a challenge passing riders at high speed but more daunting is when they are double banked...or should that be baked?

From the back I heard Dave & Kenny shout "WWLD". I started to salivate at the thought that this might be a new restaurant like KFC or TGIF.......A burger at this stage of the ride sounded like a great idea as I felt the sugar pumping into my legs as we scurried along at 20 + mph.
WWLD I questioned innocently feigning my desire for a "Triple layer Sandwich"
WWLD =What Would Lance Do? ....Dave shouted laughing.......
Suddenly the double banked Peleton turned into the Champs Elysee's with the Arc de Triomphe beckoning.......The streets were paved with every ex girlfriend that did me wrong, and every bully I ever encountered in life.......Rose Petals fell from the sky and Lance was by my side.
Well Paddy you are kind of a Texan "So what are you going to do" asked Lance with his Yellow leaders shirt reflecting the magnificence of the day.
Before I knew it we had flown by the Peleton and the smell of road kill replaced the sweet smell of Paris Pastries.
Lance was no longer there and my heart was reminding me that I maybe pushing it a little. Great ride! and Great Company!!
Sundays ride was accompanied by Andy & Sean, it was blowing a bit but we prevailed.
Miles for the Week 145

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultimate Defiance

We have all had that experience once in our lives.....some of us more than once when we have just had enough!!!! In the UK they have a very quaint expression for this phenomena called "Throwing the toys out of the pram". It really doesn't need much explaining but to give you a good definition I would say its when you Really.... really.... really...... really...... lose all sense of reality and make a right royal mess of the nursery, toys all over the floor, dummies spat left right and centre, buggies over etc etc...........Get the picture!!!!
I found evidence of such extreme defiance on my ride today. As we were meandering through a sun filled Terry Hershey Park a solitary Pacifier lay dormant in the middle of the cycle path. This once cherished "Binky"; this object of nurturing wonder left deserted on the asphalt. Would the Queen abandon her crown? The bishop his Chalice? Perhaps the moisture content of the poor lads "huggies" had got the better of him? or maybe it wasn't a baby at all? History recalls a number of examples worthy of "Toy Throwing".

Napoleon decided to attack Russia after being spurned by Josephine.
Paris Hilton discovered jail did not have room service or organic cotton sheets.

Or maybe the thought of the MS150 Houston to Austin Bike Ride being only a month away is getting "too close for comfort"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

19th - 22nd March Challenge is on!!!

Training is upping the Ante with an ambitious 4 Day Challenge!!!!

Thursday Evening 18:00 Memorial Park - Various
Friday 1:00pm Terry Hershey Loop - 40Miles
Saturday 08:00 Zube Park - 40 Miles
Sunday 08:00 Zube Park Ride 40 Miles

Directions to Zube Park :Take HWY 290 to Roberts Rd. exit. Turn North (right) on Roberts Rd. The park is about a 1/4 mile North of HWY. 290 on Robert's Road on the right.

Watch for the Kangaroo Flag!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The ....."Jump Start"

.When I look at the calender I can see the big red square now ominously pulsating its recognition that its only a month away until the MS150.
For some of us training is a delight......gorgeous sun drenched mornings, no wind and every car passes you at slow speed and waves kindly.....Yea Right!!!
For others it seems like a chore....Especially Yesterday afternoon when Dave & I battled a torrential downpour. As I keep reminding my cycling buddies, any ride day could be a rain day, so its good to get your training in through different environments.

I have been stuck in Asia for 5 weeks so it can be quite daunting to get back into the cycling , and pretend you were at the same level before you left. This is when I adopt my JUMP START method....Its not for the faint of heart and requires some discipline in the stretching department.

I push my self really hard for three days in a row but after each ride I make an appointment with a massage therapist. Three Hard Rides = Three Long Massages. I make a point of letting my therapist know that I need stretching out really well and that I am not there to listen to Elevator Music and smell the latest blend of Aroma Therapy.

As I come out from my massage I see all these happy people with glowing demeanor's as if they are floating on a cloud of Bliss. I on the other hand feel like I have been engineered into the human Pretzel.........Still I am ready to ride again tomorrow!!!!!!!! Lets get going.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

On the Road Again

All though there are some training rides this weekend Dave and I are opting out because of the location of the rides and the road surface in those areas which is great if you like to spend the day changing tires.
Instead our plan is as follows:

Friday 1:00pm Terry Hershey Loop - 38 Miles
Saturday 07:30 Terry Hershey Big Loop - 62 Miles
Sunday 08:00 Zube Park Ride 40-50 Miles

Directions to Zube Park :Take HWY 290 to Roberts Rd. exit. Turn North (right) on Roberts Rd. The park is about a 1/4 mile North of HWY. 290 on Robert's Road on the right.
Watch for the Kangaroo Flag!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lost my Marbles.....Travel Fatigue

Currently at Singapore Airport awaiting my Steam Pigeon. I thought I would be home this weekend to cycle but for some reason I missed a day......its not quite the same as loosing your marbles but pretty close. Its always been a challenge talking to people a day behind you, its more difficult too to make plans when suffering from travel fatigue..........Next Week for Sure!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Make up for lost time - Weekend Rides

There does finally appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel as I plan my exit strategy for departing Singapore.
In an attempt to catch up with my other cycling cohorts I am considering a way to leave the Orient and get in some valuable training at the same time. The "Flying Bike".

I know I would probably miss out on the peanuts and warm towell but it would certainly be far more exciting especially going through North Korean airspace.
Houston is looming (Planned escape Thursday) and this weekend may see my bike out on the road again in Sundays "Continental Classic".

Saturday I am planning on the Terry Hershey Loop @ the usual time of 0700 but I am deffinateley going to be "off" my usual pace so this might me a casual warm up.

Hope to see you out there!!!