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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cyclists best friend....The Massage table

Another Saturday in January and with half of Houston's joggers readying themselves for the marathon Dave Hill and I had a relatively light traffic for our ride. The morning was threatening to be cold but when the sun finally broke through it did so with a splendor typically reserved for Spring.

The ride was fantastic, I am just not sure who decided between the two of us that we would extend yesterdays total to an adventurous 62 Miles.

"lets take it easy" I kept on telling Dave, but in Texas A & M vernacular that translates to "Go as fast as you can and see if you can shake the old guy behind you".

Still we made it! A little sore but certainly pleased we pushed ourselves. Of course there were those who said they were coming and didn't who will probably wish they did when that North West wind blows in April.

Dave went home promising another 62 tomorrow but I had other plans!!!

One thing I have found about cycling is that a good massage on a regular basis helps immensely with a heavy training regime and after two hours where I felt like a piece of dough at a Pretzel Store I am ready for tomorrow.

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