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Friday, January 16, 2009

Montivideo "Misery Bug"

Feeling crook for three days now Dave Hill convinced me? Or did I convince him that we need to get 150 miles under our belts this weekend. After lying in bed all morning with a box of tissues I finally decided I need to do something proactive to "Combat" this flu I have..........something more than just taking the yellow pills and nasty cough syrup the Doctor gave me.

It tasted awful when I was a child and not much has changed!!!! Now they try and get smart and disguise the taste with bizare flavors like pina colada !!!!!!

It would be much more convincing if the prescription came with a twizzle stick and a minature umbrella.

Still later in the Afternoon Dave Hill and I did the Hershey/Bush Loop!...... all 37 .03 miles of it.

I say that type of distance is normally a breeze but today it seemed to take on Everest like proportions as I vainly tried to keep pace with Dave.
The faster he went the more I coughed, which was certainly not the type of cadence setting sound either of us is used to.

I am convinced Dave must have had spinach for lunch and had seen Mr Balboa on TV last night because he was in a monstrous mood and kept asking me if I wanted to do 60+

The final hill home I found a sudden burst of pace which I directly attribute to the thought of the 60 sheep I would soon be counting as I prepare for another ride tommorow, hopefully feeling better .

Watch out Dave......Tommorows another day!!!

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