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Friday, January 16, 2009

Stretching....a warm up we tend to ignore

Up until a few weeks ago the extent of my pre ride stretching was limited to stretching my arm out to collect my delicious "Triple Latte" from the "Starbucks Drive Through". This is my typical jump start cycle potion for the ride ahead

This year however unlike the last few years where my training regime has been mostly physical I decided to engage some brain power and extend my knowledge on both bike maintenance and care and the fundamentals of serious "Bike Training". This brings me to the topic of stretching .

Cyclists are not known for their flexibility. In sporting terms were probably as far away from ballet dancers as you can get. Nevetheless, stretching is an essential part of injury prevention and recovery strategy. (See my web page on Stretches for Cycling under "The Warm up" on training 101)

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