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Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today was a great Ride and a Great Turn Out as four of us executed a 40 mile route from Zube park.
Dave, Kenny, Sean and myself.
Dave was a horse as always and did most of the pulling but for one rare opportunity I did feel my old form start to creep back as I took the lead on a very fast stretch.

We soon caught up with a 40 - Deep "double banked Peleton" in cruise control that was as wide as a large elephants backside. Its always a challenge passing riders at high speed but more daunting is when they are double banked...or should that be baked?

From the back I heard Dave & Kenny shout "WWLD". I started to salivate at the thought that this might be a new restaurant like KFC or TGIF.......A burger at this stage of the ride sounded like a great idea as I felt the sugar pumping into my legs as we scurried along at 20 + mph.
WWLD I questioned innocently feigning my desire for a "Triple layer Sandwich"
WWLD =What Would Lance Do? ....Dave shouted laughing.......
Suddenly the double banked Peleton turned into the Champs Elysee's with the Arc de Triomphe beckoning.......The streets were paved with every ex girlfriend that did me wrong, and every bully I ever encountered in life.......Rose Petals fell from the sky and Lance was by my side.
Well Paddy you are kind of a Texan "So what are you going to do" asked Lance with his Yellow leaders shirt reflecting the magnificence of the day.
Before I knew it we had flown by the Peleton and the smell of road kill replaced the sweet smell of Paris Pastries.
Lance was no longer there and my heart was reminding me that I maybe pushing it a little. Great ride! and Great Company!!
Sundays ride was accompanied by Andy & Sean, it was blowing a bit but we prevailed.
Miles for the Week 145

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  1. Lance would probably get into a wreck and break his collar-bone -

    Have a good trip to Oz