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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The ....."Jump Start"

.When I look at the calender I can see the big red square now ominously pulsating its recognition that its only a month away until the MS150.
For some of us training is a delight......gorgeous sun drenched mornings, no wind and every car passes you at slow speed and waves kindly.....Yea Right!!!
For others it seems like a chore....Especially Yesterday afternoon when Dave & I battled a torrential downpour. As I keep reminding my cycling buddies, any ride day could be a rain day, so its good to get your training in through different environments.

I have been stuck in Asia for 5 weeks so it can be quite daunting to get back into the cycling , and pretend you were at the same level before you left. This is when I adopt my JUMP START method....Its not for the faint of heart and requires some discipline in the stretching department.

I push my self really hard for three days in a row but after each ride I make an appointment with a massage therapist. Three Hard Rides = Three Long Massages. I make a point of letting my therapist know that I need stretching out really well and that I am not there to listen to Elevator Music and smell the latest blend of Aroma Therapy.

As I come out from my massage I see all these happy people with glowing demeanor's as if they are floating on a cloud of Bliss. I on the other hand feel like I have been engineered into the human Pretzel.........Still I am ready to ride again tomorrow!!!!!!!! Lets get going.

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