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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ultimate Defiance

We have all had that experience once in our lives.....some of us more than once when we have just had enough!!!! In the UK they have a very quaint expression for this phenomena called "Throwing the toys out of the pram". It really doesn't need much explaining but to give you a good definition I would say its when you Really.... really.... really...... really...... lose all sense of reality and make a right royal mess of the nursery, toys all over the floor, dummies spat left right and centre, buggies over etc etc...........Get the picture!!!!
I found evidence of such extreme defiance on my ride today. As we were meandering through a sun filled Terry Hershey Park a solitary Pacifier lay dormant in the middle of the cycle path. This once cherished "Binky"; this object of nurturing wonder left deserted on the asphalt. Would the Queen abandon her crown? The bishop his Chalice? Perhaps the moisture content of the poor lads "huggies" had got the better of him? or maybe it wasn't a baby at all? History recalls a number of examples worthy of "Toy Throwing".

Napoleon decided to attack Russia after being spurned by Josephine.
Paris Hilton discovered jail did not have room service or organic cotton sheets.

Or maybe the thought of the MS150 Houston to Austin Bike Ride being only a month away is getting "too close for comfort"

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