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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Mule....Beauty and the Beast

I first set my eyes on my "Rowley" in Cairo when the geriatric hay burner was munching on some poor chap's dress socks. It soon became evident that "Rowley" was a true character. Apart from being uncomfortable in the middle and dangerous at both ends "Rowley" displayed a unique resemblance to my old school Latin Teacher - Mr Jones. They both knew when you weren't paying attention and usually took advantage of this opportunity.
Being blindsided by a blackboard duster is as equally painful as being bitten on your backside by a Mule, especially if you tie the beast up to a granite rock. "Rowley" is all about comfort and by that I mean whats comfortable for him. With his Pith Helmet and desert issue Boots he certainly isnt in the mood to sacrifice practicality to style.

"Fuji -San" has similar traits to "Rowley"!! She will gladly dump you on the asphalt if you misbehavior. Unlike "Rowley" she is blessed with great looks and is as light as a feather and does not like anything attached to her unless they are part of the riding process...... No Tassels or Bells! Panniers are strictly forbidden however like Rowley a small compass or Garmin is acceptable. She has no problem letting me take her anyway I like as long as the road is smooth and the pace is fast.

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