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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Swanee a song made famous by Al Jolson is now my official "get up and go song" as the Swan River here in Perth has revived my marvel at natures beauty and how a well developed and organised city can make a difference in keeping its people happy. You ROCK Perth !!!! Perth is a mixture of Boston, San Francisco, Cape Cod and Napa Valley, with inhabitants who are just amazingly friendly. One challenge this morning was coming across an organised run. As I was merrily pedaling along I passed a lone runner coming my direction with a number proudly worn on the front of his shirt. If he was the "fox" then there were over a thousand hounds right behind him munching on his heels. Not wanting to be part of the salivating pursuit I quickly took a detour and found yet another fantastic stretch of water along the Canning River, an off shoot of the main Swan River.
I might not have my usual Buddies in Dave & Andy to drive the pace, but heck, who would want to charge along at 25 mph and miss all the fantastic vista's. Apart from the conspicuous Swans, enjoying the river I saw a number of nest that look like they were the home of a small elephant or terodactyl. I am told these are sea eagles who are rumoured to carry away small calf's or even an odd poodle. Off again this afternoon after my I pod is charged up.

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