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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Port Hedland (Western Australia)
After Spending a week in a town that was not included in one of the "breath taking" wide shot, back drops from the new Film Epic "Australia" I am glad to report I have escaped.
Port Hedland is essentially a huge Iron Ore Facility in the middle of nowhere. Because of this little luxuries are scarce and that includes accommodation which is a premium.
Because of this a recent addition to Port Hedlands Hotel opportunities materialized as the accommodations grew short it was decided to turn the towns detention center into a Hotel....mmmmm Motel.....mmmm Camp!! Although most of the razor wire had been removed the ambiance was quite reminiscent of something Al Capone saw at Alcatraz.

I have now reached the civilized city of Perth. Right now Perth could actually be Cleveland or Coventry, Siberia our outer Mongolia, it doesn't make any difference because I have escaped!!!!
Hilton Hotel, Crisp White Sheets & shower that actually resembles the purpose for which it was designed.

The time is clicking now with only two weeks to go until the MS 150 there is no other place I would rather be to embrace the CALM before the storm. Perth is a "Bike Friendly" City and the routes and scenery breathtaking. I borrowed a bike today from a Perth work colleague who lives in a a suburb about 12 miles North of the city. I headed west to the coast and a beautiful Indian Ocean.
There was a healthy sea breeze blowing but it didn't phase me because the scenery was fantastic. I headed south to Freemantle and then East to Perth and the Swan River. Half way along the Southern part of the River is a Hobie Cat rental business where I had a two hour pit stop to cool off and sail backwards and forwards across the River.............BLISS!!!!!

After the sail I jumped on the bike (Bit sandy, soggy and burnt) and cycled for another 10 miles around the river and back to the hotel. Going to push it hard again tomorrow and with a better appreciation for the route I am looking forward to a great Sunday on the road.

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  1. I don't feel sorry for you at all. Cycling towards the Indian Ocean and then having a sail? What a tough life you lead -