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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dutch Courage..I am feeling Strong Today!!!

In the seventeenth century, long-standing trade rivalries and naval jealousies between England and the Netherlands erupted into the Anglo-Dutch Wars. The conflicts gave rise to the plethora of derisive "Dutchman" expressions. One of the more poignant of these notably being the term "Dutch Courage".
Dutch Courage can be traced to the practice of certain Dutch Admirals who allowed their men to drink copious amounts of hearty libations before engaging the enemy. The English took the opportunity to spread some idol gossip that their naval adversaries courage was directly proportional to the amount of Bols Gin they consumed.
Perhaps Gauguin himself had two many "Sloe Gins" and some "DC" when he lopped Van Gough's ear off .Heck! Even Herbert Spencer got in on the act by establishing in his work "The Study of Sociology" ..."The fact that a dose of brandy,by stimulating the circulation, produces Dutch courage" as it is called.
Myself and my fellow riders have claimed our own form of "Dutch Courage" in the form of the colourful bottle of "5 hour Energy"

The first time I sipped this elixir of energy I could almost hear the Mad Hatter laughing as he chased Alice around the Tea Table. I was hoping to feel like Popeye after a few cans of Spinach, switching the forearm development into 2 huge piston like calf's ready to take on the steepest hill the road could offer.
It says a great many things on the bottle, but regardless of the chemical and nutritional values of the ingredients it may contain it has become our own "Dutch Courage"......our own significant " I am feeling strong today potion"

The potion that:
  • Keeps the wind at our back
  • Ensures that any speeding motorists spill their coffee in their laps
  • Keeps flat punctures at bay
  • Gives us the courage to explore new routes

but more importantly enables us to have a toast for a good days ride CHEERS!!!


  1. Great blog paddy, Its really good to read about matters associated with cycling and I always like to know the origins of words. Before you know it youll be snapped up as a features writer.

  2. Having JUST come back from one of my most momentous singular rides, I'm up for some Dutch courage. Maybe it was with me throughout the ride, but I feel wonderful!

    Great post Paddy and a toast to you with many great riding days ahead!

  3. hello, greeting from Indonesia ^^!

  4. Hello all and thanks for your comments and encouragement, I am on a transatlantic blog balance with mt twin philip