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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Face Value

It was my intention to write a Blog about finally getting back in the saddle after spending two weeks nursing my badly torn hamstring......... I was going to Blog about how much fun it was to get back on the road with my buddies Sean & Andy and congratulate each other about our average speed and how well we have been progressing.
I had the whole Blog churning in my head as I started my car in Zube Park while chugging down my recovery drink and pulling out the parking lot.
After a mile or so down the freeway I had already thought about some funny one liners for the Blog and those "Longhorn Cows" that were more horn than Cow......
By the time I had pulled onto FM1960 (Farm to Market Roads) my Saturday blog was all but published in my mind......but then I got distracted!! My car needed washing
The Farm to Market Roads of the old Texas South,were interesting roads, roads that Willie Nelson used to sing about, where trucks laden with livestock and families headed into town.
Now the newer versions are littered with Strip malls, Starbucks and Fastfood establishments. One thing that hasn't changed over the years though is the American entrepreneur spirit
I remember many years ago when my father was stationed in Texas with the Royal Air Force, my brother Phillip and I sold lemonade on a street corner to make some extra money.
Today was no different, when the sun is out after a rain drenched week you will see a multitude of organisations offering to wash your car for one cause or other.
On the first of many blocks there were the Jessica Simpson like Cheerleaders, waving there POM POMS!! and luring my car to get a wash while sponsoring their Marching Band. Next it was the Men's Lacrosse Team Fundraiser (However all the team were again dressed like Cheerleaders and doing a number on my cars psych.)
Then I passed the:
  • the basketball car wash
  • the softball car wash
  • the frisbee car wash
  • the soccer car wash
I had just about decided that I was going to get the squigee and sponge out myself on arriving home when I saw a young lady standing on a street corner with a very simple but poignant sign. "Car Wash to raise money for a Kidney Transplant". This was it!!
I turned off at the next street proceeded to get lost and finally found my way back to the designated Car Wash Area.
I must say it was a privilege to be in the company of such magnificent "Texans" This whole family and friends were making every effort they could in raising money for a family members Kidney Transplant. We chatted a while and very soon I started to understand a lesson I learnt a long time ago while helping with United Way Charities in San Francisco.
" We can add monetary value to any charity we wish by a simple click of a mouse, but its the true "Face Value" which really has the most significance. By simply letting people know that you care is a gift in itself and one that requires so little effort. My car looks great!!...and feels fantastic, and I am determined to experience more FACE VALUE to the charities I cycle for. And to my new friends, my heart and prayers are with you.


  1. Paddy,
    I was one of the family members you spoke with as the others
    washed your car. You made me smile as I read your Saturday unfolding
    and you found yourself at our carwash fundraiser! Again, thank you
    for your support not only then but also posting about us on your blog.
    I wish you the best with your bike runs and was a pleasure meeting you.
    Maybe we can come up with an idea for you and your cyclist friends 
    Jeannice Cain

  2. Paddy is trying to reply but is having technical problems.

  3. Hey Paddy and Phillip!! Would you consider
    posting the following? It is for my nephew again! ps we are seriously looking into a bike
    fundraiser later this year!

    Kidney Transplant needs help!

    Kenny Waymire has helped several rescue groups in the Houston area. With the Zeke Fund, he coordinated improvements to the City pound. His wife, Karin, was one of the original founders of the Zeke Fund. Now with E-rescue Houston, they continue their passion helping the four legged ones, along with volunteering for the Homeless Pet Placement League.
    As if that is not enough, they have rescued their golden retrievers too!
    Kenny Waymire, a resident of Spring, Texas is beginning the next journey of his life. He is facing dialysis treatments and ultimately, a kidney transplant. Kenny does not have medical insurance because he is uninsurable, so family and friends are planning a fundraiser to help off set his medical expenses.

    This Saturday, June 6th we are having a HUGE garage sale in Spring Branch, West Houston to help raise funds! Please come out and shop!!
    8923 Friendship Rd. Houston 77080 832-638-6786 or you can donate
    on line at Thank You VERY MUCH!!
    And Woof Woofs from Chelsea, Honey and Kwincy!!

  4. Be careful of Kenny as he scammed me out of money.