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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forest Gump (Mrs)

When Forest Gump uttered that now famous Quote "Life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what your going to get", I never thought it would have such a resounding application to my riding adventures.
This weekend was a perfect example! On Friday Sean and I set forth on a 50 mile ride and on one of our fav stops we encountered a young lady who was bravely back packing from Florida to Waco Texas along with her dog.
Her dog could definitely have been an "Honorary Mule" as he was well equipped with his own panniers and provisions, and she had biceps on her that were proportionate to the huge back pack she was carrying. I guess you don't have to worry about the Gym when your hitting the road!
At first we were a bit suspicious and concerned for the young "lassie" but being anxious for a break we exchanged the typical social pleasantries and very quickly realized that our preconceived ideas were sadly judgemental and this exchange was very rewarding.
She was great! young, confident, eloquent and full of that "Joi de vivre" that seems to be missing in a great deal of our youth today. She also new a great deal about bikes which of course opened the door for full acceptance.
As we guzzled back our water in attempt to hydrate in the beating sun we listened intently on some of her adventures. In New Orleans she was arrested for trying to hitch a ride on a freight train and had the pleasure of spending the night in one of the Crescent cities finest "Lock ups" while her poor dog was thrown in the pound.
She, like any "dog lover" knows found this experience more compounding by her dogs situation than her own dilemma. Still after paying a hunk of change $270 she bailed the dog out of "Doggy Jail" and was on her way swearing never to try to take a ride on the Railroad again.
Kenny & I pushed a respectable 50 miles but admitedly jumped on the back of a very fast (23mph hour) Peloton for the last 12 Miles. I could have read a book it was soo comfortable.

We started today in great form as I was joined by Sean,Kenny,Andy and Paul (Paul joined up with us today) Had a great ride and found a Horseshoe en route!!! The wind was stiff from the South and had us on our toes with some difficult cross wind action. One little time event was after 30 miles into the ride when I broke through my 2000 Mile mark for the year. It just happened to be on a hill which I thought was very fitting.


  1. There are a million stories out there and you proved that interesting people are everywhere.

  2. Oh yeah, congratulations on breaking 2,000 miles for the year. Great job!