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Friday, June 26, 2009

Icarus - This isnt Rocket Science, but it is Houston!

I am sure if Icarus were alive to day he would be living in the suburbs South of Houston heading up a new adventure for NASA
Most of us know the story of Icarus and his futile attempt to escape from the Island of Minos where his thoughtful father made him a pair of aerodynamic wings fashioned from the feathers of a couple of geese they had for dinner and left over wax from their illicit mead distillery.

Of course if the had rented "The Wizard of Oz" from Blockbuster the night before they could have heard Margaret Hamilton utter those famous words "I'm Melting"
Did you know that the wicked witch went on to be a spokesperson for Maxwell House Coffee ( I guess that means Glinda must have got the Starbucks Gig!)

Like Icarus I tried to escape today, not from the Island of Minos but from the Island of Monotony (Work Week)

My escape took the form of a very hot ride. I guess you know its going to be warm when your departing temperature @ 0700 is already in the 90's and the arrival back in the parking lot saw the temperature reach 107.

Of course I was prepared ! In addition to the largest camel back I possess I loaded up my bike with a few extra bottles of ice water which I continually dumped on my head every time I saw that tree lined tropical oasis in the middle of the road, where people were sitting by a submerged bar drinking drinks with umbrellas in them. (One of many illusions, the rest weren't as endearing)

Hey its an early Houston Summer! and 4 months ago I had cleat warmers and leggings! Such are the challenges for the year round cyclist..........and I Love it!!! .........At least I did not run into Toto!


  1. 107 degrees? I thought we had it bad. The humidity down there in Houston sure doesn't help.

  2. I don't think I've ever experienced 107. Well maybe when I lived in Cairo....