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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Three Little Pigs & the big BAD BAD WOLF!!!

When I was a wee lad I was first introduced to Nursery Rhymes by my Grandmother, who seemed to know them all.

The ones she didn't know she "ad libbed" like a seasoned thespian.
If you look at the "roots" of Rhymes, or even West Indian Calypso culture you can often see a connection or association which reflect actual events in history!

A nursery rhyme was often used to parody the royal and political events and people of the day. The humble Rhyme was used as a seemingly innocent vehicle to quickly spread subversive messages!
Can you imagine the White house Press Secretary sitting by the fireside reading "Rain Rain go away"

Old Mother Hubbard
The Old Mother Hubbard referred to in this rhyme's words allude to the famous Cardinal Wolsey. Cardinal Thomas Wolsey was the most important statesman and churchman of the Tudor history period in 16th century England. Cardinal Wolsey proved to be a faithful servant but displeased the King, Henry VIII, by failing to facilitate the King's divorce from Queen Katherine of Aragon who had been his queen of many years. The reason for seeking the divorce and hence the creation of the Old Mother Hubbard poem was to enable him to marry Anne Boleyn with whom he was passionately in love. In the Old Mother Hubbard song King Henry was the "doggie" and the "bone" refers to the divorce (and not money as many believe) The cupboard relates to the Catholic Church although the subsequent divorce arranged by Thomas Cramner resulted in the break with Rome and the formation of the English Protestant church and the demise of Old Mother Hubbard - Cardinal Wolsey.
It this were the "Tour de France" Johan Bruyneel would have to take the place of the Cardinal

Jack & Jill
The roots of the story, or poem, of Jack and Jill are in France. Jack and Jill referred to are said to be King Louis XVI - Jack -who was beheaded (lost his crown) followed by his Queen Marie Antoinette - Jill - (who came tumbling after). The words and lyrics to the Jack and Jill poem were made more acceptable as a story for children by providing a happy ending!
There would be lots of opportunities to write a new one about Lance and Alberto going up a hill (Col de la Colombiere)

Georgie Porgie
The origins of the lyrics to "Georgie Porgie" are English and refer to the courtier George Villiers, 1st duke of Duke of Buckingham (1592–1628). King James I took Villiers as his lover and nicknamed him "Steenie" (a reference to St. Stephen whom in the Bible describes as having the "face of an angel"). Villier's good looks also appealed to the ladies and his highly suspect morals were much in question!Villiers most notorious affair was with his liaison with Anne of Austria, (1601–1666) who was the Queen of France and married to the French King Louis XIII badly injured both of their reputations.
Many modern day candidates for this position

Of course one of my favourites was the story of the three little pigs.
The Three Little Pigs" teaches us in a most enjoyable and dramatic form that we must not be lazy and take things easy, for if we do, we may the hairs of our chiny chin chin.
After all .....intelligent planning and foresight, combined with hard labor will make us victorious over even our most ferocious enemy-the wolf!

One would think that would be true to "training" as well.

  • I built up on my first 40 miles (straw house)
  • The second one soon followed with regular 65 mile jaunts (Sticks)
  • And finally after feeling confident of having endurance for a 100 miles (Bricks)

in my well conditioned legs the WOLF ARRIVED!!!!!

(These Wolfs can be found on any international flights/travelling lasting more than 24 hours - Singapore-London -Houston)

This was no ordinary wolf, he was a nasty Fire breathing dragon type of creature morphed from jet lag, fatigue and various types of flu like symptoms. His red eyes melted the reinforced re-bar of the outside structure while his toxic emissions infiltrated every square inch of my protected habitat leaving me in a state of total weakness and debilitation.

After a week in bed I convinced myself I was well enough to take part in the Katy Flatlands 100. It could have been the Katy "Downhill" 100 for all I cared as my body decided to shut me down after only ten miles with a high fever and dizzy spells.

Another week has past and I did manage forty miles last week and actually now have the energy to write a BLOG!!!!

One thing I have learned from this is that starting up your training again too early from any type of flu/cold/virus etc is a poor idea

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be - Kahil Gibran


  1. Thanks for the little excursion into the world of nursery rhymes. Very entertaining. I'm sorry to hear that you got sick after your international travel but glad that you are feeling better. Impatience hey? Sorry you had to learn the hard way (like me!).

  2. Cheers Grove! I will never learn but hey pushing the limit is important too!!!